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Investing in founders, not just ideas

We want to back the best founders as early as possible in their entrepreneurial journey. You can be armed with only a pitch deck or even just an idea - as long as you tackle a large enough market and bring the right skillset we'd love to speak to you.



About us

Backbone Ventures: investing in entrepreneurs, building futures

Backbone Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm based in Zurich and Frankfurt am Main. Founded in 2018, we started out by investing without a fund, on a deal-by-deal basis. In four years we invested in 26 teams, mostly in Switzerland but also in Germany, the US and Israel. Since September 2022 we have invested almost exclusively out of our Backbone Ventures 5502 Fund, a EUR 20m pre-seed fund with a strong geographical focus on Germany and Switzerland.

We strive every day to justify the trust that our investors and our founders put in us and to become the trusted partner for the best founders who are still about to start their ventures.

Discover some of our innovators

Founders Adon Health

Industry: HealthTech

Adon Health is the first digital care platform for hormone health in Europe. The platform covers the entire patient journey and will offer preventive treatment. The first step is to address the testosterone deficiency of around 10 million men in Germany, which requires lifelong treatment. Adon Health will then launch further products relating to men's health.

Business People on Street

One step beyond diversity:

Investing in Glass Ceiling Breakers

Our 5502 fund deliberately targets those founders who have always outperformed their competition despite being structurally underprivileged based on their gender, origin or socioeconomic background.

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