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Why we invested in Boostbar

The workplace catering market is undoubtedly in turmoil. White-collar offices are adapting to a hybrid model, shying away from high fixed costs and looking for more flexible coffee and food solutions. Blue-collar employers are discovering the huge upsides of offering (healthy) food and coffee to their workers on-site, particularly when most nearby restaurants are closed. The press is filled with reports of incumbents that struggle due to their inflexible offers and lack of customer care.

This is where Boostbar comes in. Boostbar offers a modular workplace refreshment solution, which can (but does not have to) include everything from the best coffee to snacks and frozen lunch menus. The offer includes state-of-the-art hardware (i.e. coffee machines, fridges, and freezers) that is monitored via telemetry devices. It comes with a digital self-checkout solution that is compatible with all common payment methods and the customers can access and analyze all the data Boostbar gathers.

But while we were certainly excited by the market opportunity and impressed by the offering it was the founders that made this investment so obvious for us. Equipped with impressive academic backgrounds, Pascal and Johannes both have worked for several years in the industry. But more importantly, they and their team are bursting with energy and obsessed with creating value for their customers. In an age where we see many founders increasingly focusing on their work/life balance we often find ourselves discussing strategy with Pascal and Johannes late at night without them even blinking an eye. And while many investors complain that they don’t receive detailed reporting from their investments some of us are seriously considering muting the BBV-Boostbar WhatsApp group.

We at BackBone Ventures are excited to be able to support the Boostbar-Team on their journey and are looking forward to the years ahead.

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